Et år på kunstefterskole er et ganske særligt år

1024px-Heiwa_elementary_school_18Art School is an obvious choice for those who care about art and love to be creative and creative. One after the school year is a very special year in which you make friends for life and at the same time can be a little wiser about what your next educational step should be. Additionally, if you choose to go on line at the boarding school with a special focus on your yndlingshobbier, you can get a year of your passion, and you can meet other young people to share it with. You get more creativity and craftsmanship into your everyday life if you gradually become a little tired of schoolbooks. 

Develop your skills and close the creativity out

At an art boarding school you will not only be interested in the classic art disciplines such as painting and drawing. There is also the chance that you can develop the more distinctive art forms such as body art, glass painting, origami and recycling art. There is room for you and your artistic ability is appreciated, no matter what kind of artist you are. You are allowed to develop your skills and work on large art projects, either alone or with others. You get asked a lot of tools available so you can express yourself and test new creative ideas. This is your opportunity to stimulate and develop your skills in a great environment with other art lovers young.

After the school year is a magical year

The vast majority earlier by pupils describe their after school year as one of the best years of their lives. In a continuation form you a special bond to the other students, because you live with them and are with them almost 24 hours a day. There is no doubt that it is going to boarding school is quite different than a regular school year. It’s a bit of an upheaval, but it’s worth it. You learn your classmates to know in a different way when you’re with them every day – even outside skoletiden- and at the schools is a real strong community. It is a year that also allows you to develop you very much personally. You teach you to know yourself better and become more aware of what you want with your life and your education. At the same time you build lifelong friendships and get a lot of professionalism and creative customer in your luggage.


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